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Presidency School


Presidency is credited with the ability to transform lives of all members of our fraternity, the students who arrive for learning, as well as lives of teachers, coaches, advisors and faculty members, who steer, guide and counsel them in their quest. Presidency appoints the best of teaching fraternity who continue to add value to the culture and dynamics of this institution.

Led by our Principal Dr. Mangal Kiran Vijay Sarathy, Presidency School staff consists of dedicated, hardworking professionals who value the importance of education. Our teachers, administrative personnel and management team work together to provide our students with a pleasant, secure and safe learning environment.
Our teachers are specialists in their field. They are also advisors, creators, communicators, mentors and facilitators.
Teachers maintain contact with parents throughout the year via regular parent-teacher interviews and student reports. Parents are welcome to seek further teacher feedback and advice throughout the year.

Our teachers are chosen from across the globe on the basis of their professional experience with multiple curricula, their academic qualifications, and more importantly, their love for children and passion for teaching.As part of the Staff Development Program, we conduct periodic workshops and orientation programs for our teachers and help them with the latest methodologies of classroom teaching and evaluation. Micro-teaching sessions also help teachers share their best practices in order to help each other raise their proficiency levels.
Top-of-the-line facilities and resources, customized teaching aids and multimedia options, including the science, computer, language and math labs, aid the teachers in enhancing their innovative and effective teaching techniques.

At PSMNG, we work together with our faculty, like a closely-knit community, to promote a work culture of the highest professional standards.

We have a team of over 39 teachers who are highly qualified, committed and dedicated professionals.


NAMES Experience  in Presidency Department Total Years of Experience
Dr. Mangal Kiran Vijay Sarathy  Principal
Ms. Deepa K Abraham (Senior COD) 5 years Mathematics 13 years
Ms. Salma Sheikh (Junior COD) 1 year SST 1 yr + 6months
Ms.Arpana Sarathy Head Mistress
Ms. Anand Prasad 5.4 years Math 1.6 years
Ms. Anita Praveen 6 years SST – 
Mr. Arun Kumar 1 year Chemistry 6 years
Ms. AyeshaIlham 6 years English 4.5 years
Ms. Deepa K Abraham 5 years Mathematics 13 years
Mr. Deekshith 2 years PT 2 years
Ms. Fathima Ramiza 2 years Science 5.5 years
Mr. Ganesh Shastri 2 years Biology 7 years
Ms. Harisha 1 year Commerce 1 years
Mr. Lalmohan S 7 years Art 10 years
Ms. Lehann Aleta Menezes 1 year Counselor 3 years
Ms. Madhura Jain 4 years French 5 years
Ms. Prashanthi 14 years Librarian
Ms. Manisha 10 years Hindi 6 years
Ms. Prathibha K 1o months Mathematics 1yr and 3 months
Ms. Preetha J 14 years Kannada 4 years
Ms. Priya Pereira 1 year Mother Teacher 1 year
Mr. Rajpal B 3 years PT 9 years
Ms. Rashmitha Bhandary 2 years Chemistry 4 years
Ms. RekhaZita D’Costa 13.5 years Kannada
Ms. Roznia Aboobaker 3 years Science 1 year
Ms. Sandra Noronha 12.4 years Computer Science
Ms. Shradha Karkera 1 year Computer Science 3 year
Ms. Shree Priya 2 years Mother Teacher 6 months
Ms. Smitha Kunder 1.5 years Hindi 9 years
Ms. Shanthi Regina Monis 14 years SST/Math/English
Ms. Uma Sree kumar 14 years+10months SST/English/Math
Ms. Veena Rao 11 years Biology
Ms. Meghana 6  months Kindergarten 1 yr
Ms. Shyni Jayaprakash 15 years Kindergarten
Ms. Shaheera 3 years Kindergarten 8 years
Ms. Nafeesa 1 year Kindergarten 3 years
Ms.Bharathi Maths 9 years
Ms.Praksha Shetty Counselor 1 year
Ms.Radhika Kini Maths 3 years
Ms.Vandhana Physical Education 3.5 years
Mr.Punith Kumar Physics & Maths 4 years
Ms.Alfiya Banu Social Science 4 Years
Ms.Soumya Prasad Kindergarten 3 Months
Ms.Crissel Monteiro Kindergarten 2 years
Ms.Rita Noronha Kindergarten 4 years
Ms.Deepa Abraham Senior COD
Ms.Salma Sheik Junior COD
Ms.Arpana Sarathy Head Mistress