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Presidency School

Senior School

The Secondary Grades IX & X – are a veritable bee hive of activity. Quality education – the best possible is provided, taking into consideration individual needs and aspirations. Suitably high demands are placed on the learners, with a view to stimulating high achievement levels. Each learner receives personal attention and guidance. Students’ work is monitored on a day-to-day basis, through class work, home work and projects. Comprehension of course materials is tested unit-wise and through mid-term tests and examinations.Progress reports and parent teacher meetings are a regular part of this programme. Extra-curricular activities form an integral part of the curriculum. Students now help in the planning and organization of school celebrations and competitions and are encouraged to showcase their skills at the Inter School in the Inter-School Fora. The school cabinet provides a valuable training ground for leadership.

Personality grooming is ensured through workshops on Life Skills, Value Education, Vocational Counseling and Counseling for teenage problems. Resource persons with necessary expertise conduct these programs. Every attempt is made to ensure that our graduates are full-fledged, confident, self sufficient and focused individuals, when they leave the sheltered environment of Presidency.

An intense and progressive high school environment that lays emphasis on excellence
  • Emphasis on high academic achievement for each student through personal coaching
  • Well-organized academic year with strategically planned coaching and assessments
  • High importance to leadership skills, team work and vocational counselling
  • Amplified teacher-parent interaction to closely monitor academic progress