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Presidency School

Presidency Houses & Assembly

Presidency Houses


At PSMNG, we have the right mix of academics and extra-curricular activities to promote the holistic development of children. Activities like quiz and elocution competitions are aimed at helping them discover their true potential. These have been proven to improve oratory skills, boost self-confidence, and remove stage-fear, among others.

For this purpose, the students have been divided into four Houses, named after trees. They are:

The various sports and other events are conducted among these four Houses to ensure maximum participation from the students, while encouraging healthy competition among the Houses.
Each House is headed by a House Mistress who is ably supported by a Vice House Mistress. Every teacher is allotted a House too. This promotes bonding and inculcates a healthy team spirit among the teachers and students alike. It also ensures that the children are trained for the various competitions by teachers from different disciplines.